After 25 years of experience spent within two leader companies in the sector of the surface treatment and the infrered radiation, Surfi-Metal was created by Serge Fallourd, his manager, in 2008.

Today, this is :

  • A general, technical and commercial direction
  • A research and control of projects department (making, assembly, starting, after-sales  service)
  • An administrative, accounts, technical documentation and orders follow-up department
  • Manufacture workshops, pre-assembly and pre-reception of installations ( available surface about 800 m2)

By now, this SME already counts significative work :

  • In the sector of lacquering and metallization, on bottles and glass bottling (cosmetic, perfume)
  • In the sector of powder subcontracting, on every supports and every powders (traditionnal and UV)
  • In the sector of injectors and car parts manufacturers, on internal pieces, in lacquering (traditionnal and UV)